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Florida Traffic Laws (Statutes)

Here's a list of the most common moving violations within the state of Florida. This list includes the Florida vehicle code section number. These are infraction type violations only.



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Florida Drivers

Florida Vehicle Laws

Below is a matrix of the most common traffic tickets issued within the state of Florida. All statutes listed are the actual traffic laws (veicle codes) for the sunshine state.

Type of Violation
Florida Vehicle Statute

Moving Violation Description



Unlawful speed



Traffic citations



Law enforcement



Courts having jurisdiction over traffic violations; powers relating to custody and detention of minors.



Obedience to and required traffic control devices.



Driving under the influence.



Careless driving.



Radar speed-measuring devices; evidence, admissibility



Electrical, mechanical, or other speed calculating devices; power of arrest; evidence.



Following too close.

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traffic ticket ebook cover

Fight Your Florida Traffic Ticket

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