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Quiz 1 - Driving Fact or Fiction

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1. Provided you pass the minimum requirements for taking the driving, written and eye exams, possessing a driver's license is one of our rights as a citizen.

Correct Answer: FICTION.

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Although many drivers believe this statement to be accurate, it's simply not true. States classify receiving a driver's license as a "privilege," not an inherent right -- even if you do pass all the required tests.

2. Interstate highways are numbered according to a directional system.

Correct Answer: FACT.

Your Answer: %$Q2M%

In accordance with the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956, major interstate highways are identified by one- or two-digit numbers. North-south routes are assigned odd numbers, with the numbers growing larger from west to east; east-west routes are assigned even numbers, with the numbers growing larger from south to north.

3. The government classifies the far left side as the "fast lane."

Correct Answer: FICTION.

Your Answer: %$Q3M%

Despite the popular notion, there is no such thing as a "fast lane." Granted, you've probably seen signs indicating "Slower traffic keep right," no government agency classifies the far left lane as the fast lane -- it's actually a societal myth. Besides, typically lanes on a highway or freeway (trucker's lanes excepted), are all the same speed.

4. The most common traffic ticket issued is for running a red light.

Correct Answer: FICTION.

Your Answer: %$Q4M%

Speeding is the big winner here and radar is the most common weapon used by a traffic officer.

5. In Texas, it's legal to drink an alcoholic beverage while driving provided you stay below the legal limit.

Correct Answer: FICTION.

Your Answer: %$Q5M%

An urban legend that is simply not true.

6. If you want to avoid getting a ticket on your driving record, you should overpay the fine by a few dollars.

Correct Answer: FICTION.

Your Answer: %$Q6M%

Over the past five years, this has been one of the most common questions asked. Unfortunately, this is just another popular internet rumor. More than likely you probably received an email from a "fellow driver" giving you this free "advice."

7. Driving 40 miles an hour, you are moving almost 60 feet per second.

Correct Answer: FACT.

Your Answer: %$Q7M%

At 40 MPH, you would travel the length of football field in about 5 seconds.

8. If your resident state suspends your driver's license, a legal alternative is to obtain an International Driver's License.

Correct Answer: FICTION.

Your Answer:%$Q8M%

Under a 1949 United Nations agreement, International driver's licenses are intended for licensed foreigners driving in the US and for licensed American citizens driving in other countries. It is NOT a substitute or a "loophole" for drivers to bypass the state-issued system. There are a few internet scammers claiming you can legally drive with one of these permits -- that's simply not true.

9. Antilock brakes reduce vehicle crashes.

Correct Answer: FICTION.

Your Answer: %$Q9M%

Although vehicle antilock brakes perform well on the test track, there is no conclusive evidence that they have made significant reductions in the number of on-the-road crashes. Both the Highway Loss Data Institute and a federal study concluded the same finding in both 1994 and 1996 studies.

10. Seat belts save lives.

Correct Answer: FACT.

Your Answer: %$Q10M%

Most crash fatalities result from the force of impact or from being thrown from the vehicle, not from being trapped. All studies show you are much more likely to survive a crash if you are buckled in. Ejected occupants are four times as likely to be killed as those who remain inside. There's NO excuse for not wearing your seat belt.


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