Car insurance

9 Smart Ways to Reduce
Your Car Insurance Quote


1. Shop Around for Car Insurance
The difference in premiums between insurance companies can be amazing. What one company may consider a high risk factor another company may not view as so important.

2. Buy your vehicle insurance via the web
Many insurance providers now offer some good discounts for buying the policy over the internet. The theory is that by
purchasing your car insurance over the web, you are saving the company mone by reducing their overhead costs.

3. Reduce your annual mileage
How many miles you do a year is a common question that can affect your car insurance premium. The more miles you do the more your car insurance premium is likely to be.

4. Keep a clean driving record
An obvious suggestion however... this may be easier said than done. Insurance companies take very seriously all driving convictions and it is usually an important part of their rating process.

5. Don't Turn in a Claim
By being a safe driver and avoiding potential claims, you can continually benefit by building up your number of "claim free" years. Not turning in a claim over a period of years can defnitely save you money.

6. Improve your car security
Theft of and from your vehicle are important considerations when insurance companies calculate your price. Most companies will give you a discount for having better security of your vehicle.

7. Take an advanced driving test
Although not compulsory, taking an advanced driving test can not only improve your driving skills but also help to lower your
car insurance premium.

8. Pay your premium in one go
By paying for your
car insurance all in one go, you can avoid paying additional interest charges or statement fees that would be tacked on if you decided to pay in installments.

9. Conisder going down the aisle.
Okay... this may seem like a dramatic final way to lower your premium but most insurance companies offer lower premiums when your named drivers are insured and spouse as opposed to two unmarried drivers.

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