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Make Money with's Automotive Affiliate Program for Webmasters

• Over 35 millions traffic tickets are written each year.

• Get paid $4.80 for each referred sale.

- Free to Join.

- Start Making Money Now!

Unfortunately most drivers rarely think about getting a speeding or other type of traffic ticket until it's too late. With over 35 million traffic tickets written each year, you can obviously realize that the market for helping drivers within the U.S. can be a profitable. Since 1997, we've helped throusands of drivers and we helpl hundreds each week. Here's your chance to captialize on a winning autmotive afiliate program that can help suppliment your
online income.

Free Affiliate Program
Earn $4.80 for each sale of our PayNoFine Guide when you refer them via the affiliate links automatically built into the eBook. Free to join, you can start making money right away. Our affiliate program is perfect for the following types of web sites:

Car Clubs and Organizations

Automotive Accessories

Travel-related sites

Auto/Truck Associations

Auto part suppliers

Motorcycle Clubs

Driving enthusiasts

Personal Web Sites

Here's how our affiliate program works:

1. Start by reviewing our Affiliate Agreement.

2. We provide everything needed including a variety of proven effective banners.

3. When someone either purchases the PayNoFine Guide or eGuide referred via your assigned affiliate links, you'll earn $4.80 for each sale.

4. Once your balance reaches $20.00, we'll mail you an affiliate commission check or pay you via PayPal on the 15th of the following month.
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